Hot Trends - How to Research Hot Trends

  Let's take a minute here and talk about what's hot and not taking advantage of what it is because of how you personally feel about the hot trend or its subject. The last thing you ever want to do is take some kind of opinionated approach as to whether or not a hot trend is worth building a project out of or not. In other words, regardless of what the hot trend is about, don't let your personal biases or opinions cloud your judgment as to whether or not you want to deal with any certain hot trends topic.

For example: I don't like pop music for the most part and country music even less. I have little respect for what I consider blonde bimbos that make it rich based Solely on their looks. Therefore as a rule I don't make it a habit to following anything that has to do with blonde bomb shell country singers. But there are such "Entertainers" that have audiences in the millions who have an interest in such entertainers.

I know if I can provide that massive audience with a little more information about their country star, on a blog that has been monetized with things on the same subject about the people the "Star" they are interested in, there is an extremely good chance that at least some of that audience can buy into my monetized items, and I will receive a commission for them. Guess what? I win! That's why I don't let my personal feelings about the subject of interest for a hot trend get in the way of me making money. I can't afford to.

The same thing applies to religion, politics, government, philosophy, business, foreign affairs or anything else all of us have our own opinions about. If you let your opinions stand in the way of making money, you won't make as much money with hot trends. PERIOD!

With that said, there is nothing that says you can't use your opinion, or voice your opinion as part of any hot trends project. Who knows; if your post on a hot trends project is well thought out, well written, delivers a rational argument about the hot trend, and is controversial to the norm regarding that hot trend, you may build traffic coming into that hot trends blog just to argue with you. I wouldn't waste a lot of time on doing so in the beginning though. But being controversial has made a lot of people a lot of money.

Build Blog Traffic Fast

Ok you're first hot trends blog is set up and ready for visitors to come and read your content and hopefully click on your money making links. So let's get some visitors. Obviously we want all we can get in a short period of time.

Since we can't really count on Google to index out blog within 24 to 48 hours, so we can start seeing some traffic from organic searches, we need to build some back links to our blog that will generate traffic to our post from people interested in the content.

Here's the formula:

More links from popular sites = higher search engine positions for your page.

But for our Purposes:

The initial traffic boost comes from people using Social Bookmarking sites INSTEAD of search engines. Why? Because millions of people have learned that people who are actual users and not machines do a much better job of categorizing topical RELEVANT information than search engines do. Not that they have stopped using search engines all together, but they have found that their favorite social bookmarking site(s) are a viable resource.

Some Hot Trends Linger

When a hot trend lingers (Stays hot for a week or 2), back links from popular sites to your hot trend blogs can make a significant difference. How does Social Bookmarking build or generate traffic to your hot trends blog? The top (PR-5 and above), Social Bookmarking sites are very popular and therefore just getting your blog URL, description of your content and tags (Keywords), generate traffic from the social bookmarking sites themselves.

Google sees links coming from the more popular sites as having more weight when listing your blog in search engine results. If you have done your hot trends research right, there will be some ongoing interest in your hot trend topic.

(Note: In case you are not aware, PR ratings are popularity ratings Google assigns to sites based on numerous attributes including traffic served, searches for, searches found and the relevancy of those searches.) The higher the PR rating, the more popular the site is and the higher the PR rating. The lowest rating is - 0 - and the highest is 10. Anything ranked above a PR-5 is pretty popular, PR-7 and above are VERY popular and therefore are a great sites to have links from, (In the form of bookmarks), back to your site/blog.

Link building is a natural by-product of social bookmarking sites. Since you are using your links and blog posts as leverage while you network, it becomes very simple to locate groups of interest, and then to proceed with sharing your links through article submissions and relevant posts.

You don't have to get carried away with putting together your profile page on these sites. Something simple will do. Why? Because your primary reason for setting up an account is to build back links, not to socialize or make friends.

Increasing links to your website can be done in a few different ways, without spamming:

o Commenting on blogs, articles, and posts and providing link back information of relevance which is your hot trends content.

o Making sure people are aware of information that you have posted, by copying and pasting the link on relevant discussions or comments at the blogs on the hot trend you researched.

These are all effective traffic builders for your website, and can start to spread the message about a particular about your take on a hot trend topic by getting your links to your hot trends blog post bookmarked into the top social bookmarking sites.

So just as we set up tabs in your FireFox Browser for Hot Trends and HT Blogs, you need to set up a "Bookmarks Toolbar" tab for social bookmarking sites. I simply named mine "SB Sites".

Blogging to Grow Your MLM Business

If you're looking for creative ways to generate interest in your MLM business, avoid wasting your money paying for leads and jump on the back of the latest hot trend - blogging.

One of the most significant communication trends right now is 'blogging'. For those that aren't familiar with a 'weblog' or 'blog' for short, it is simply an online message board where you can write your thoughts, ideas or opinions on any topic. By its very nature, as a place for like-minded people to share their opinions, a blog is a powerful tool for all entrepreneurs.

This article is designed to give the Network Marketer techniques to improve their networking, and ultimately grow their MLM business.

Remember, you are in the relationship building business, not the 'sales' business so any way that you can improve the way you communicate and network will give you a greater chance of building your business. A blog is a powerful communications tool and it is extremely suitable for social and business networks, like MLM. The other great benefit of having your own blog is that it establishes you as an authority in your field and can give you loads of credibility, which is great for Network Marketing.

So you've decided that you want to give blogging a go, so the first question you may have is, "how do I get started?" Lucky for us not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneurs, setting up your own blog is relatively easy and quick. There are a number of online sites that will provide you with all the resources you need to start your own blog. The best part is that it can all be done for free! 

Listed below is a quick action plan for establishing your blog and how to market yourself and your business opportunity:

o Sign up for a free blog on one of the above websites. I now use and have found it easy to use. You don't even need to have your own website.

o Decide on a theme. I recommend something as simple as your journey as a home based business entrepreneur. You can share both your business successes and challenges. Include useful tips and tricks that you have used in your business.

o If you are concerned about what to write about, just start brainstorming ideas with your team and you will find the list of topics are endless.

o Make the information interesting to the reader, and even add humor wherever possible.

o Add some content over a few weeks, including a couple of core articles along with short conversational, journal style entries.

o Send out the links to everyone in your downline and selected people in your upline. With this type of initial audience, you will find blogging a great way to share information and techniques amongst team members.

o Encourage your team to post comments on the blog and provide feedback to you about the content and usefulness of the blog. Make adjustments as required.

o Once you are happy with the character and theme of your blog, submit it to a number of blog directories (simply search on the term 'blog directory' and you should find plenty!).

o Become the distributor of the latest news and offerings from your company.

o Use alternate techniques like a video post. Simply record yourself with your computers webcam or digital camera and post away! Alternatively, you can take a video of interest from places like and place them in your blog. This will give your readers a great multimedia experience and reasons to keep visiting your blog.

o Tip - I recommend that you do not try to sell your business opportunity on the blog. Build a relationship first and then you may be able to ask for expressions of interest.

o Tip - you can refer network marketers from other companies to your blog to help them grow their business. When they see how helpful you are, they may even be encouraged to join your organization.

o Consider using Google AdSense on your blog as an easy income source.

o Be seen as the expert on the latest social networking technology (have you tried conference calls with  Watch out for a future article on this hot, free, communications method).

It's important to keep up with technology and the latest trends, and blogging is a great way you can really take the lead and get ahead of the game. Being a leader means stepping up and providing a strong community amongst your team through the sharing of information. With a blog, you may find yourself being the entrepreneur that keen prospects want to get to know and be around. You are a leader and people want to be around leaders that provide them a better vision of the future. This will mean great success for you.

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